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    Dennis Shirley

    I am the owner of a 2016 R 1200RT BMW This is my fourth BMW. My first was a 1968 500 cc R2 the next one was a 1973 750 /5 long frame next was a 2006 R 1200 rt now I have the 2016 rt. All have been very good motorcycles My first motorcycle was a 1937 45 inch HD . I traded that foe a Indian scout much better. In 1969 I bought my first BMW the 1968 R2 .It a very smooth and quite running machine. I have had this one for two weeks and road it about 1000 miles I like it.
    Dennis Shirley

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    Welcome to the forum Dennis!
    From the Airhead to the Wethead, you have been able to enjoy the whole range
    Enjoy the forum.
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    Welcome, Dennis!! Nice array of bikes there. Do you have a picture of the BMW 1968 R2...curious what that looks like.
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    Welcome to the forum Dennis.
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    Welcome to the Forum Dennis and to the joy of riding what I think is one of the best all-around bikes ever available, the R1200RTW.

    I've got just over 10,000 km on my 2014 this year (bought it this May) and of the dozen or so bikes I've owned over the past 45 years, it is definitely the closest I've found to an all-around bike for me. Recently read a review of the new RS and comparison to the 1977 RS, where the author stated that he felt the new RTW was a closer true genetic link to the R100RS due to it's fairing giving it far better touring ability while not trading off very much on the sport end of things.

    Happy riding - it definitely keeps me feeling younger and actually helps my back!
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