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Thread: Tool Kit or air compressor

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    Tool Kit or air compressor

    I have a non ABS 2000. Looking at the top with teh tank off, I can't help but notice the large area where the ABS system would go. Does anyone use this space. A compressor comes to mind or extended toolkit/spares. Any thoughts?

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    I wouldnt want to have to take the tank off to get to anything! You didnt say what kind of bike you have.

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    My 2003 R1150R is a non-ABS model. I too have eyed the space where the ABS unit would be as a nice rectangular storage space. I have never used it for anything. I'm not keen on taking the tank off to fix a flat or much of anything else beside the road. If I were on a prolonged trip I might use the space for storage of a couple of oil filters or something else to use for routine maintenance while traveling.
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    I have a 2000 R1100R. If I were to put a compressor, it would be wired and plumbed in so that you did not have to remove the seat or the tank. Something like .

    It think this is a little big but you get the idea. As for tools a roll or make a box out of tupperware or better yet make one out of plexiglas.

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    Re: compressor
    Well if it was a GS that saw a lot of offroad/onroad air up/down I could see it.
    Actually would be handy if you had an exposed air chuck and light hose coiled in the case.
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    I mounted an after market horn in that space on my 1998 R1100R

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    That is a good idea. Did you do an airhorn with compressor?

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