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Thread: The New BMW G 310 GS Thread~

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    I am very happy with my G 310GS

    I hesitate to call it a "Baby GS" because it can surprise you with its strong will. Thanks to Voni and Paul I grabbed mine just before the brake recall thing came out. Its a very capable on and off road motorcycle, true to my nature I have to make it mine so I did some personalizing with it. The biggest issue I had was introducing the new GS to the family, a little butt sniffing, some snarling and a more than enough barking (G 310Gs got an Ackrapovic carbon) but after a while they all settled down to a peaceful compromise.

    I think the G 310GS will make the Winter Rally trip this year, you know it is "Florida's Coolest Rally" so why not show up with one of the coolest bikes.
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    Got my bike back after the brake recall yesterday. I finally have a real front brake, rather than the sponge it came with. Diagnosis was a porous caliper casting. Caliper replaced. Rumor is that BMW has a part number for adjustable levers for the 310 but no price yet. Id like adjustable levers.
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