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Thread: BMW System 7 Carbon Helmet

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    BMW System 7 Carbon Helmet

    The new system 7 carbon helmet looks quite promising. While I like the ability to remove the chin guard, I wonder if that feature reduces the overall integrity of the helmet. While pricing has not yet been released, I'm also quite curious as to which company was contracted to manufacture this helmet. Schuberth makes sense but I've also heard rumours of AGV and Nolan.

    Anyone have any 'insider' information?

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    Removal of chin guard to create an "enduro" helmet has been a feature of BMW System helmets from the beginning. The new thing here is that it's supposedly easier/quicker to do.

    I've had them all and have never converted one and can't say for sure if the feature disappeared during the 4-6 eras, but it could have. It was for sure there for 1-3 and did you know you could fit an electrically heated faceshield on a 3?

    1-6 have all been Schuberths.

    I suspect that as with 3-on, they won't be sold in USA.

    I'm afraid photos indicate my BMW Communicator might not fit the new design, requiring purchase of a new one. I'll do it anyway.
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