Five weeks ago I went two states over to a local BMW dealer to pick up my new to me 2010 K1300GT. It has 28K miles on the clock. Its about a 200 mile ride back home. About 130 miles into the trip the bike stalls while going about 75mph. Now, I'm not sure if the bike actually stalled or if my hand hit the starter button and I shut it off ...New bike and I was unfamiliar with the position of the controls. Outside temp was 47F. I was using the heated grips and seat and running cruise control.

So the engine is now off and I'm coasting down from 75ish now. I pull in the clutch lever and press the starter button. The starter engaged but the engine didn't turn over. I made a few more attempts while rolling as I was pulling on to the shoulder. At say the third or fourth attempt I heard the click click click... Ok, now I've got a problem!! So the bike stops and on the center stand it goes. I hit the starter another time or two and the clicking and then no more clicking

I call home and dispatch the rescue truck and trailer. After I get home I plugged it into the battery tender. The next morning (7 hours later) I see the battery tender light red light is flashing. I'm curious to see if the battery is toast so I turn the key and press the button and it starts. I'm not ready to ride so I shut it off. I unplug the tender and then plug it back in. Four hour later the light is solid green.

A few days later after several 20 mile + rides I'm out riding. I shut it off so I could take a picture and five minutes later I hit the starter button and I get the click click click again... Call home again and dispatch the rescue squad. Being curious I try to start it again and it starts perfect. Ok, change of plans... The bike is running so I'm going straight to the battery store. At the next stop light I dumped the clutch and stalled Hit the starter and luckily it started but it turned over slow and just enough. 15 miles later I arrive at the battery store. The checks the battery and say nope its still good. Uhhhh ok, now what? Went home without trouble. The next day I take the battery to Autozone and they said they can load test it. He says 12.7 so it should be good.

Like all of you I want to know my bike is going to be reliable so I'm not sure what to do? I was going to just replace the PC680 with a new one but my buddy is saying not to because I probably have a bad ground somewhere. I'm a pretty good wrench and all but electrical stuff is not easy for me.

So please advise:

New Battery?

Search for a bad ground?

Other ideas?