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Thread: Rekluse Clutch Review for F700 GS

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    Rekluse Clutch Review for F700 GS

    As requested, here is my review of my recently installed Rekluse adventure EXP auto clutch upgrade, which turns my 700 into a semi automatic motorcycle. The Rekluse clutch system seems to be a well know assessory to enduro dirt bike racers as a racing clutch, but probably not so much to non-dirt bike racing folks like myself. At the the urging of fellow GS Giant rider Monty Alterman from Kansas City, (after stopping with him to look at a new DCT African Twin during a rain delay ride recently where Monty suggested the Rekluse) , I decided to give the it a try, since it seemed like it would be a great solution to my increasingly arthritic left wrist pain. Gateway BMW has been fully supportive of trying this out, as it seems that I am one of the first to consider it for the twin cylinder 800 series, (at least from their dealership) so I had solid support to give it a try. So, I ordered the kit, and here is what comes with the clutch:

    In the package there are 12 steel plates, (3 thick and 9 thin) 1 thick friction plate, 9 thin friction plates, one EXP pressure plate, and a packet with miscellaneous springs for customizing the EXP pressure plate, a thick rubber band for use when adjusting the clutch, decals and a couple of Velcro tie straps, and of course an install instruction book.

    In the background, I also show a set of picks (Harbor Freight for $2.89) a tube of Blue Loctite, and tube of liquid gasket seal, just in case I needed to patch up the gasket until I could order a new clutch cover gasket, if needed. (I didn't, and glad of it, as it's a $30.00 gasket).

    Everything needed for the clutch is included in the package, including the two thicker steel plates and one thick friction plate that in the official Rekluse install video, states that the OEM plates will need to be reused. The video is an excellent description on how to accomplish the change-out, so I didn't do a step-by-step process layout, so a quick review of their video will answer any and all questions of the procedure. I will say it was a pleasant surprise to not have to reuse any friction plates from the OEM parts, since they caution not to use the OEM friction plate if it is worn. My research found that individual plates are not available to purchase from BMW, so it would have required me to purchase the entire clutch assembly in addition to the Rekluse assembly if my thicker friction plate was bad.

    Installation was straight forward, and the only outside information you need is torque values for the compression clutch springs, (10 Nm) and clutch case bolts (12 Nm) and the specific tightening sequence for the clutch case bolts. There are 16 of them that have to be tightened in a specific order, so the BMW CD is helpful to have to get the correct sequence.

    So, after now placing about 400 miles on the clutch, I can say that I find it a great addition to the 700, as it completely eliminates the possibility of killing the engine in first or second gear while taking off. It took me a couple of days to get shifting down without using the clutch lever to move through the gears, but now that I have learned the feel of the engine to revs, it slides seamlessly through the gears. Since I'm not much of a experienced off road rider to begin with, (started this GS thing at the age of 64), with no prior off road riding experience at all, I feel that I have helped myself out with improving my ability to navigate on roads that I may have been reluctant to attack before. Not having to focus on clutching while navigating difficult road conditions just makes it easy to keep my 700 moving, without having to worry about killing it or over revving the engine to maintain torque on the drive train in slow moving situations. I now look a forward to seeking out conditions that I otherwise would have been talked myself out of trying, and plan to spend the winter practicing in heavy sand conditions at an old abandoned lead mine in Missouri (St. Joe Lead Mine). Can't wait for next years GS Giant in Salt Lake. ........

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    Once again, thanks for the effort.
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    There are some good install videos on YouTube as well. May have to search "F800GS" and "Rekluse" but it's the same procedure and parts.

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    Just curious - how many of you out there are doing GS riding with the Rekluse clutch kit? Does it help, hinder or not change the way you ride off road or on a GS giants type course?
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    Asking same question on user feedback and method of adjustment.

    Watched a youtube, but pretty brief on setting cable/lever with bike running. Have one here that has a very tight feel trying to engage clutch and no play at lever which on a stock bike would seem way too tight. Too rainy to run up and down road today.

    Rekluse FAQ also mentions worn oil causes chirpy behavior...noise, not action?

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    Rekluse is AWESOME!

    Had a Rekluse clutch in my F700GS used almost exclusively for off road and it is amazing. The biggest issue I have had with the 700 / 800GS's is that with such a light fly wheel they are extremely easy to stall. When I broke my hand I had a hard time using a clutch for extended time, especially off road when I constantly manipulating the clutch. With the Rekluse I don't have to cover the clutch lever at all. I use the clutch to shift or to get the front wheel off the ground. Slow or fast these things are very useful. This system does allow you to still manually manipulate the clutch as well. It's a little different but still do-able. It does make the pull of the clutch significantly harder but even with my bad hand it is no real issue. I recommend these to folks all the time.
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