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    I guess the Des Moines promo video worked.

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    Every rally location announcement brings about similar comments from people that go to wherever it is, within their time/distance parameters and those who feel the process has been "hijacked" by those representing the MOA, although I've never been able to figure out what "they" get from it.
    A comment about dates, my guess (no science backing this up) is that the negative aspects of the present dates are largely driven by personal choice, such as weather, as opposed to logistical challenges. Having dates in June or September would impose an additional burden on folks that are significantly affected by the school calendar.

    Bottom line for me, I look forward to hearing about the location of the rally. I'm good with the time frame, and I expect I will like some and not like others. There have been positive and negative aspects of each rally we have been to and I expect that to continue for as long as I can ride.

    I am always supportive of getting current data, so I would look forward to a survey.

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    I really enjoy the fact that the MOA National Rally moves around. And as stated earlier everyone has a personal opinion of the locations for usually personal reasons. Would like prefer the date moved earlier or later in the year ... yep! But I also realize there are (as stated earlier as well) reasons why the National is in July. Yes ... sometimes it is hot but it is JULY! And some locations turn out better than others. I have been to 8 National Rallies and all have been fun and an adventure. Some locations for me have been better than others. Salt Lake is a bit of a haul for me but I am retired now so what the heck! And am really looking forward to Des Moines next year. They are all good ... some just better than others and there will always be folks less happy than others but that is just life. Enjoy the ride!
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