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Thread: Motorcycle Transporters

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    Motorcycle Transporters

    The WWW.FUNTRANSPORT.COM people have defaulted on our contract to ship my new (to me) 2013 R1200RT from Novato, CA to Melbourne, FL. They missed 3 pickup dates and have caused significant inconvience to my seller and me. Do any of you in the Great NW have knowledge of a reliable (preferably an independent, local) shipper who might like the job?
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    A member on the R1200RS forum is having a bike shipped now with and he mentioned they have a Fall Special. $450 to ship a bike from anywhere in Us to anywhere US.
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    Federal did a fine job of transporting my K16 from NC to CA last fall.

    The guys who came to pick it up were a little bike-ignorant, I had to show the where to attach the tie downs. That said, they were on time, polite, and the office gal (forgot her name) that was my contact person for the whole thing was wonderful. I could track my bike's location the whole time. It arrived at the destination (local independent shop) on time, no problems, and undamaged.

    I think it ran be about $600 but I purchased insurance above the $15K, which was included free.

    Probably others, probably some better, just sharing my one and only experience shipping a bike. I would use them again.
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    Call Jim. He's a free-agent hauler. Enclosed. 22 pages of references on Soviet Steeds Ural Sidecar website. He's hauled it all.

    (260) 804-6695

    of course this is a little late considering the OP was in October. .. .
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