In June of this year, I bought an Ilium Works 10-300 shift extension for my RT. I need this because arthritis in my left knee has made shifting difficult. I used it for a while, but found that the IW installation method, that is, pushing it over the rubber grommet on the lever did not hold very well. I discovered in the middle of a ride that the darn thing had fallen off.

I spoke with Ilium Works people about the problem at Das Rally and they suggested using electrical tape to beef up the diameter of the rubber grommet. I did that, but it still didn't feel secure. About 3000 miles into what turned out to be an 8900-mile ride, I found that it was loosening every day.

In Sonoma, California I spoke with a neighbor of a family member about the problem. This fellow has restored antique aircraft and Ford Model A cars. He took a look, went back to his shop, then drilled and tapped a 10-32 hole in the shift extension. He then placed a 10-32 3/8" set screw in hole and tightened it down into the rubber. Now, 5900 miles later, I'm back home in Massachusetts and the shift extension has not budged. Here are two with the unit in place on the RT's shift lever, and another of the set screws. Perhaps this is not a big problem for anyone else but I think it improves a lot on the Ilium Works solution: