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Thread: Driver Lowering pegs for 2016 RT...inquiry

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    Driver Lowering pegs for 2016 RT...inquiry

    So then, one cannot adjust the foot brake pedal after installing a lowered peg gadget?

    Which lowering peg gadgets would you recommend?

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    Knight Design or Suburban Machinery Lowered Footpegs

    I recently ordered a Knight Design set in Silver Anodized with Sidetrax Tread; all one piece with springs and pins. These can be ordered in different configurations of finish and tread. About $80 cheaper than Suburban Machinery adapters. I have a set of Suburban Machinery pegs on my wife's 2008 RT that orginally were on the 2016 RT-LC. Both designs are great and I did NOT have to adjust shifter or brake.
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    My report on lowering foot-pegs and changing the rear brake lever can be found in here:
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    The riders lowering kit from comes with a adjustment plate which one installs the brake lever assembly onto, effectively moving the lever to the rear.
    Hope this helps anyone......................
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