I think I must be one of the very few BMW riders who does not mind having a tall bike. I admit I cannot "flat foot" it when I come to a stop. But I regard that as a minor inconvenience. I like being higher up when riding down the road. I'm more visible, and I feel I can see better. I question the re-sale value when these bikes are dropped down in height. You have to find someone who is shares your leg length, otherwise they are too cramped on the bike. Putting it back to it's original height is just too expensive on a used bike, so it's a basically a non-reversible modification. I've owned bikes (briefly) that were "lowered" and I would not buy another one.
But of course I realize I am in the minority. I think it's one of the bigger reasons 99% of the country is riding around on Harleys. They just love to feel that solid ground under their feet when the thing is sitting at stop lights, which it is a good amount of the time.