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Thread: New member from the Midwest, Southern Illinois

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    New member from the Midwest, Southern Illinois

    Hello from the Midwest! I am from Southern Illinois, which is actually southeast of St. Louis and about 350 miles south of Chicago. I am closer to Mississippi than Chicago. Southern IL offers some beautiful riding, rolling hills through the Shawnee National Forest, and less than an hour from the land between the lakes area of Kentucky and the Ozarks of Missouri. I have been an HD rider for over 20 years, but after owning 2 BMW SUV's I am interested in the BMW bikes. I'm a long distance rider and comfort is the utmost of importance. I hope to learn a lot and make some friends here. The new 1600B coming out is something I'm very interested in.

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    Welcome to the site JB.
    I like the southern Illinois and Indiana area.
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    Welcome to the forum. There are several LD rider types that hang out here occasionally.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbbrown73 View Post
    Hello from the Midwest! ...
    Welcome aboard! Some nice riding in southern Illinois. Although I always get a chuckle whenever anyone refers to anyplace east of the Mississippi River as "the Midwest," I have come to realize what the media types really mean by "the Midwest" is any state that borders one of the Great Lakes.

    Anyway, thanks for finding and joining us.
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