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Thread: Sidecar for R1100R

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    Sidecar for R1100R

    I'm wanting to put a sidecar on my 1999 R1100R. Am leaning toward a Hannigan with brake and camber adjuster. Any suggestions/input from someone who has done this?

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    Bill Draper in Martinsville, Va. has just the rig you describe. I have followed him for many miles on trips and he seems to really like it. See the photos in the latest edition of the Sidecarist. His is the yellow one. He also put my rig together, the blue R1150RT.

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    My rig is a 98 R1100R with a Hannigan that I finished April of '13. It does have the brake and camber control. Since that time I have logged approximately 25-30K miles and love it. I also installed trail reducer for the steering and a lower geared final drive. The stock final drive on mine was a 33/11 and I switched it for a 37/11 (from a R850R). On my rig this was a must as 1st and 5th were just too high. If you would like more information you could call me at 276-340-0326 or email me

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    I have a 1995 R1100R with an EML E2000 attached. The rig was built by Perry's sidecars in Texas for his wife Merry.
    I own three sidecars and this is my preferred ride when going on a long trip.
    The bike is located in Mystic, CT

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