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Thread: strip vs float

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    strip vs float

    please see my post on pg 31 of fuel strip poll thread. I have asked a couple of questions and there has been no replies. thanx, Don Meek

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    Copied from there for you:

    I have read most of the posts concerning the fuel strip and the float replacement/update. There doesn't seem to be any posts about bad floats. I have a 2012 RT that I bought new. The fuel gauge and computed mileage stopped working correctly within the first year.It was erratic at best. When brought to the attention of the dealer while still under warranty, the said they could not duplicate the problem, therefore they couldn't fix something that didn't exist. I explained that I never new when it would go haywire, but eventually it would, probably on my way home from the shop. Every time I brought it in for service, I would mention the fuel gauge problem. I never realized that they were not entering this information into the computer or putting it on the work order. At some point I was informed that I have a float system instead of a strip, and that is why they won't warranty it. Have there been other float failures? where do I go from here? I contacted the factory rep and was told that since there was no documentation they couldn't help me. On a $22,000 motorcycle you are supposed to keep track of your mileage the way we did in the 60's ??? I think not. Don Meek

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    See my reply in that thread.
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