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Thread: Hello from San Diego

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    Hello from San Diego

    Good evening all!

    I'm Gregg from San Diego. First time (and extremely proud I might say), brand new 2016 BMW R Nine T owner here. Absolutely amazed with my new bike, or as my wife would say, my new girlfriend... I'm a previous owner of Harley's and Honda's and after experiencing the ride, build quality and sheer joy this machine brings to me when I start it and hear the throaty sound it makes, I'll never going back to another brand.

    I love the cafe racer vibe the bike has and am looking forward to doing some extensive customizations to it when I'm not on it. It's amazing how fast I've been able to get my office work done the last few days so I could discreetly go out the office back door and get on the road... Glad I joined BMW MOA for the info the site has to offer.

    Looking forward to many trips and memories.

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    Welcome to the forum, Gregg! Sounds you really have a good passion for riding the new bike. Weekends must be a lot of fun!!
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    You have a beauty there and wow a lot of twisty mountain roads so near you to ride! Welcome to the forum.
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    Welcome youll have to plan on the 2017 rally in Salt Lake City to show it off and spend some quality time with your "girlfriend".
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    Welcome from Ontario Canada
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