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Thread: Go-No-Go Valve adjustment feeler guages Oilhead

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    Go-No-Go Valve adjustment feeler guages Oilhead

    Looking for a set of Go-no-go feeler gauges for my 96 oilhead. Seem to be lots of sets but none has the .30 gauge



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    Not sure how those would serve you.
    To do a proper oilhead valve adjustment you need 4 feeler gauges at once.
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    I bought two cheapy-cheap (like $4) of the fold-up sets (like a pocket knife arrangement) that use a nut/bolt as the hinge, pulled out the blades I wanted, wired each same-sized pair together loosely so I'm not trying to hold them all at once, then use a couple of pieces of string with a bulldog clip at each end to fasten the gauge sets to the bike (so if they fall out they don't land on the floor). It just now occurs to me I should wire in a no-go size to each pair as well.

    Don't think I've ever seen one of these sets that doesn't go up to at least .36. They typically put the thickest one at the "light" end to protect the thinner ones.
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    Beemer boneyard has a set of 4, 2-.15 and 2- .30 for 16 bucks
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    I like the set from Beemer Boneyard. I also have two sets of the Snap On Metric feeler gauges. These cover most any situation that
    I'm likely to encounter. Current prices are $12 per set (pretty cheap by Snap On standards).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirider View Post
    Beemer boneyard has a set of 4, 2-.15 and 2- .30 for 16 bucks

    I'll second BB
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