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Thread: BMW1600B introduction

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    I suspect Tim has hit the nail on the head.

    The K1600GTL is a completely different beast and market segment than the K1600B. The introduction of the B might put some pressure on the K1600GT, but not on the K1600GTL. BMW have been agressively expanding their product line around the edges. First with the Scooters (Urban Mobility) and the S lineup, then with the R nineT variants (Heritage) followed by the entry-level G310. The K1600B is merely an extension of that marketing initiative which has been all around the edges, not within the BMW core lineup (long-term GS, R, K models).
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    Sat on new 1600-B @ Daytona Bike Week. You can hammer throttle & shift w/o clutch, and I like the black cases. But I need the trunk for storage when touring. Wouldn't trade my GTLE for it.Prototype.jpg
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    The B is for Me!

    I am constantly amazed at uncontrolled passion surrounding people's likes/dislikes when it comes to motorcycles. Several of the posts in this thread are quite frankly embarrassing. Why does it matter sooo much if you see a bike you don't like? Perhaps it is the machismo oozing out. Anyway congrats to BMW for making the B. I bet my next paycheck ( not much to brag about) that it will be a hit. It may have a similar appearance to the F6, but it has so much more to offer. The low seating and COG. The reverse option and the that wonderful engine.
    As far as the GT is concerned, If it is the answer to all things motorcycle, then why are the warehouses full of them? I can't see any similarities between the C1200 and the B. I could be just as wrong as the next guy about future sales, but I promise not to slam everything out there that I don't like, such as the GS, the GT the R1200RS everything Harley, The Victory Vision, the Goldwing etc etc. etc.

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