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Thread: BMW Restoration Video

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    BMW Restoration Video

    Saw this on another forum...reflects passion for restoring the older motorcycles, mostly BMW but others. Impressive workshop, tools, and spare parts. Here's the copy from the youtube site:

    This is a short video on the work that Charles Murphy has been doing for the past 40 yrs. He's passionate about restoring the "old girls." By that he means BMW motorcycles made until 1995. The post 1995 models began to incorporate onboard computer control over various aspects of the motor, suspension, and braking. "Murph" feels that the inclusion of software marks the beginning of a separation between the rider and his machine and hence a certain degree of alienation. The earlier machines follow the basic laws of physics in an analog way and the purpose of each piece of machinery is understandable in a very direct way. The newer bikes are mostly inaccessible to the average rider in terms of repair due to the inclusion of more and more software based technology.
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    Thanks for sharing the video. Murph is a man who found something about which he is passionate and he gets people to pay him to do it. Life cannot get any better than that!
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