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Thread: New Member Checking in from Wisconsin

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    New Member Checking in from Wisconsin

    Hi All,

    Thanks for having me here. My name's Christopher and I'm a 28 year old motorcyclist living in central Wisconsin. I've been on a bike for three years now. I started off on a Suzuki TU250x, and after taking it across the Continental Divide in Colorado I quickly realized that I just might maybe need a bigger bike and a new butt! That winter I found myself eyeing a really pretty '02 R1150RT and I ended up taking the plunge. We've been taking good care of each other ever since and I've been on trips out to Seattle and the Washington DC areas, more than doubling the 24k miles I found her with. Long distance touring is my passion and I hope to meet some other people on here who've caught the same bug.


    - Christopher




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    Welcome to the forum! You will find many LD-junkies sharing your habit.
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    Welcome from Minnesota!
    I ride out your way a lot.

    Nice motorcycle and gear!

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    And - there is a GREAT local BMW Club over in Madison.

    Great and large membership. If this qualifies as Central Wisconsin, you should look them up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beemer01 View Post
    Great and large membership. If this qualifies as Central Wisconsin, you should look them up!
    Thanks! I will definitely check them out.

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