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Thread: New R1100R owner in central SoDak

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    New R1100R owner in central SoDak

    Hello, everyone! Just got a 2001 with 37K on the clock. First BMW, third bike. Haven't ridden anything big for 20+ years and this was on my bucket list! I'm hoping to find other folks nearby for tech advice and encouragement. I live near the Missouri river, and my little town is on I90, hoping to meet you soon.

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    Welcome to the forum! Post a picture of the bike when you can. listed the model as an R1199R. Has the bike been modified to increase the capacity or is it really an R1100R? Just curious...would like the title to properly reflect the bike model for future searches. Thanks...
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    R1100R picture

    Thank you for catching the typo on my part! If you could correct that, I would appreciate it!
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