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Thread: Soft, twisty, small hand grips -- are bigger replacements available?

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    Soft, twisty, small hand grips -- are bigger replacements available?

    The hand grips on my 1987 K100RS are rather soft and easily torqued around the bars. They don't slide off the ends of the bars at all, just twist along their length. They are also really quite small for my hands. Is there an alternative to the standard grips that is both larger and less pliable? I'd like something about half again as large as the factory ones I've got on the bike now.

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    Your local shop should be able to get all kinds of grips in different diameters for you. It sounds like the ones on your K have just worn out. I had a set of fat, spongy type grips on one of my RS's for a year or two and finally went back to the standard ones because my throttle hand was cramping up.

    This is another one of those products where everybody has a different opinion on what they like.

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    Cool grip(e)s

    I could'nt find anything close, so I made mine. They look hokey as hell;... and your point?
    I took a piece of rubber backed carpet(!), wrapped it around the bar and measured the diameter. Then sewed up a tube of upholstery vinyl to Just fit.
    Result: ~2.25" diameter medium firm grips that my hands don't cramp up on. I hope you get your answer. Good Hunting... <<<)))

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