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Thread: A build for my son: 1985 R80 cafe style...

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    Exclamation A build for my son: 1985 R80 cafe style...

    Hi gentlemen ( and ladies);

    A hard thing has happened in my family. My 30 year old son became psychotic, spent 7 months in the hospital, has been diagnosed bipolar schizophrenic, has come to live with us and is totally dependent on us. He has begun to respond to meds, but it is very slow, and hard on us all.

    Now the hardest part. He wants to build a bike with me. I have most of an engine, so we have begun, but I took a major hit in the job department, so I can't afford to buy the parts it needs to get up and running. I never ask anyone for anything, but when I told him we couldn't afford to do it he started weeping, and I couldn't hack that. My dad has passed on a few years ago, but in my mind I heard him say "You're going to have to swallow your pride and ask for help." I've pulled myself up by my bootstraps my whole life, so I am cringing as I write this. I need help getting the parts. I've created a campaign --the link is below; that's if you want to donate money--I'd rather have parts, because it hurts my pride less than receiving money does.

    thank you for taking the time to read this and the campaign. And if you decide to contribute anything at all, thank you. You will never know how much this means to Luke and I.

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    $50 closer to new camshaft and valve tappets. THANK YOU!

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