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Thread: 2017 RT ordering information ?

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    2017 RT ordering information ?

    Does anyone have any information on pricing and packages for the 2017 R1200RT? I have checked with the 2 closest dealers (each over 100 miles from me) and BMWNA Customer service and no one can provide any information. I know they started building them last month and would think you may be able to special order one by now.

    Any info would be appreciated.

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    Anything that gets posted will likely be hearsay. I mean, if BMWNA and two dealers can't tell you, I'd regard anything you read on the interwebz with suspicion.

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    How to Order & Track a New BMW

    Ordering a BMW car and motorcycle essentially works the same way:

    1. Dealer receives production allocation for a certain model. The number of allocations is based, in part, on previous sales at that dealership. Ask your salesperson how many "allocations" they have received.

    2. Dealer places order for their inventory or for a specific customer using the BMW computer ordering system (I believe it's called DealerSpeed). There is a priority "field" on the Vehicle Inquiry Status order form that indicates the status. Highest priority is "1-Customer Sold." This tells BMW there's a customer waiting for the bike/car. Other priority numbers, such as "3-Priority Stock" indicates it's for the dealer's inventory.

    3. After placing the order, the bike or car is assigned a unique Production Number and production week. When I ordered my 2014 RT on February 5, it was scheduled to be built the last week of February. And the dealer provided me with a printout to show the bike was built as scheduled on February 28.

    4. About a week after it was built, the bike's status changed to "In Transit To Warehouse." The dealer's computer then indicated the exact container ship name that would carry the cargo to New Jersey. You can track the ship's progress (Google Marine Traffic).

    5. My 2014 RT arrived in New Jersey in mid-April and was delivered to me on April 24.

    6. Total time from build date to delivery about 8 weeks.

    After the shock recall, I chose Option 4 and sold my 2014 back to BMW, and ordered a 2015 RT on July 8 (he had just received 2 allocations).

    I watched as my salesperson input my order and immediately received a unique Production Number. My 2015 RT order indicated status code 111, which means the ordered was accepted by BMW. Changes are allowed until the bike goes into status code 150 (in production). Ordering a BMW auto works the same way.

    My 2015 RT was due in New Jersey port on Sep 20. Once is cleared customs, it was released for truck shipping and arrived at my dealer in about 10 days.

    When I ordered my 2014, my dealer showed me how to track the truck on the DHL website:

    In the "Search By" drop-down menu, select "Customer Ref Number"

    Then input your VIN. It's case sensitive, so use capital letters.

    You should be able to track the shipment, assuming that it's coming via DHL.

    Hope this helps. If your salesperson doesn't have a clue on how bikes "magically" arrive at his dealership, perhaps it's time to change dealers.

    If you have a bike on order, your salesperson can easily check its progress, based on standard BMW codes, as follows (based on auto production, but most still apply):

    0 Order deleted by NA
    17 Order not Specified
    37 Order is at BMW NA
    87 Production Week Assigned
    97 Order sent to AG
    100 Order deleted by AG
    101 Error in data transmitted
    102 Special Order (no Prod Week)
    105 Order out of Prod. Period
    111 Order Accepted at AG
    112 Order scheduled for Production
    150 Production Started
    151 Body Shop Started
    152 Paint Shop Started
    153 Assembly Started
    155 Production Completed
    160 Released to Distribution
    168 AG Stock
    170 Waiting Workshop
    172 Planned for Workshop
    174 Workshop Entry
    176 Workshop Complete
    180 Waiting for Export Dispatch
    181 Waiting for Domestic Dispatch
    182 AG Load No. — Released to Carrier
    190 Dispatched ex(port?) BMW AG
    191 Returned to BMW AG
    193 Arrived at Port of Exit
    194 Selected for Shipment
    195 Shipped from Port of Exit
    196 Shipment Arrival — ATA
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    Thanks boborgail,

    Lots of great information there. Once I am finally able to order it will come in handy.

    IBA 45658 MOA167437
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    Total BMW miles 490,099

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    My guess the first ones to our shores will come loaded,

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    Reading this thread has me wishing I could order a new loaded RT
    The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

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    I am guessing, that it would be hard to cut much of a deal on the first 2017's? I almost went all in on a 16 but decided to wait for the 17's upgrades and colors.


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