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Actually, if you look, I already corrected myself in Post #12. You're late to the party.
First, your post #12 was written while I was writing my response to your post #10 which misstated the law on lane sharing in California. How someone with "32+ years on the streets" could make such an egregious error, is difficult to understand. It only took me a couple of minutes to find the facts that I provided in my previous post. It appears that your apparent dislike for lane sharing has allowed you to be less–than–accurate in your writing on this matter.

Second, I saw nothing in your post #12 that you"corrected yourself." You said that the lane sharing law in CA stated things that it did not. Nor was there an admission that you were wrong in your statement. It looked to me as if you just glossed over that fact. It's not a big deal, but your difficulty, perhaps your inability, to simply admit it, may tell us some things.

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And like I commented - if all you have to work with is "guidelines" and "recommendations," that explains much.
The CVC (California Vehicle code) has never addressed the issue of lane sharing so the CHP's position was that it was legal. It was up to each law enforcement officer to use his discretion as to when a rider was being unsafe. Such things as speed of the rider, speed of traffic, lane width, roadway and traffic conditions, and the relative danger, were completely subjective and open to interpretation. Now that it's codified, the CHP has been "authorized to develop ... guidelines, ... consult with other ... safety agencies, and at least one organization focused on motorcycle safety." I'm confident that when these things have been completed, that legislators will put the results of those findings into the VC. Then riders will have specific rules to follow when they share lanes, and officers won't have to use solely their judgment as to when a violation has been committed. They'll have hard and fast guidelines to go by.

In any case, please tell us what you mean by the statement, "if all you have to work with is 'guidelines' and 'recommendations,' that explains much." You also made a similar statement previously. What do YOU think it "explains?"