This may sound as strange as strange can be, but it did happen to me.
On a cloudy afternoon, with not much to do, figured would start up the
bike and let it run on idle for some 20 min. with the Hi beam on, to see
how hot the new LED bulb that i just installed, will get. To make the story
short, after a phone call i left home and completely forgot that the bike
was left running...Came home about 5 hours later, and i freaked out,
remembering that i just started up the bike before i left!! The engine was
very hot, and was some oil under it, the battery drained, (new this
spring!) almost out of gas, but still running. I have cleaned the oil under,
charged the battery, and started the bike next day. All seams fine, with
a little hesitation when accelerating. No warning lights on!!
Am wondering if this situation did or could have cause some damage to
the engine?
It is a 2008 RT, with 16 000 miles.