A long time ago (in a land far away...) So back in 2005 my headlight went out on a trip which made me have to stop for a motel on my way home. I replaced the headlight and still no go. Found out it was the switch so I got a used one off ebay. I also installed relays for both the high and low beam at the time because everyone said that switch was having to much power through it and was prone to failure.

Skip ahead to 2 weeks ago when I was on my way back from Alaska and it happened again. I found another low mileage one on ebay that should arrive shortly and thank goodness I installed some aux PIAA lights just for that very occasion of the light going out.

My first switch lasted about 57K and my 2nd lasted 78K (I'm up to 135K on the bike). Seems like this is a simple switch and shouldn't really wear out especially since I rarely if ever turn on the high beam or use the flash to pass. Anyone else have these issues? Since I'll have 2 to play with I am thinking of trying to rebuild one or see if I can make it a bit more robust.