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Thread: Changing fuel filters question 94 RS

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    Changing fuel filters question 94 RS

    I started working on my new to me 1994 1100 RS, disconnected all the lines, drained tank and have the fuel pump assy sitting on the bench. So I have a couple of questions. I bought a new screen, but I don't see what holds it to the bottom of the pump, in fact looks like the pump is held in place by the hose. Is the screen an interference fit, just pry the old one off? Also have a question about the two lines going toward the back of the bike, look like vents, I marked them as to which went where, but when I got to the inside of the tank, my marking disappeared due to the lines falling into what was left in the tank. So which is which in the tank, at the connector at the back, one is clear and the other is discolored like from fuel fumes.

    Got it sorted out, Mr Largiader has a great article on the gas tank plumbing, with pictures.
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