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Thread: Spokane Rally Train

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    Smile Roll on, Rally Train, roll on....

    Well done, Willie!!

    If we get input and feedback from sufficient rail buffs, we may yet see the Rally Train back on track. Sitting in a comfortable VIA RAIL coach or lounge car while travelling across the province of Saskatchewan here in Canada on a hot summer day sure beats sitting on my BMW while crossing same! Probably equal to crossing Kansas on AMTRAK, eh? Or does AMTRAK even cross Kansas these days?

    I was kinda hoping some of the original passengers on the Redmond train would pour forth with some comments, but.....

    Thanks again. Appreciate your communications.
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    Southwest Chief goes across Kansas.

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    Originally posted by Unregistered
    Southwest Chief goes across Kansas.

    Yes, over rails that thousands of freight trains have bounced over, with minimal rail repair made on those tracks. I'll bet that the ride on the Chief is as rough as the Zephyr is.

    I wish Amtrak would actually try to find customers again--we would have a Rally Train again if they would just had responded to our requests. Unfortunately, it didn't happen and we will not have a Rally Train to Spokane.
    Onward, through the fog!

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    Freedom Travel

    I sent an e-mail to them and thier schedule puts thier transport leaving Halifax the 14 th and getting to Calgary on the 21 st. The only way would be to send your bike to Calgary on the 23 of June and let it sit out there till you flew in to pick it up. It costs for example $800 canadien for a two way trip between Calgary and Toronto. or $480 one way. You could fly out and drive back maybe. Its possible. The only thing for me would be to get my bike from Watertown,NY to Toronto or Montreal to drop it of and then get back home. I would be without my bike from the 18 th of June till I saw it on my way to the Raley around the 12 th of July.
    I think I'll check out the Moving Van Line Idea.

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