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Thread: OK...Who's got that hideoous front end squeak!!!

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    Tim C
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    2014 K1600 GT intermittent but continuous squeak

    I have the squeak. Started the first year of ownership (bought new April of 2014). The bike has spent several months at the dealership (basically all of the winter of 2015). It's been back in several times outside of that. I have about 3,000 in trips to the dealership which is about a 300 mile round trip. They have replaced most of the front end, culminating with a new shock last Fall. I'm now out of warranty and the squeak is back. I am not a happy camper.

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    Front End Squeak

    My 2014 K1600 GTL developed the imfamous front end squeak at 18,000 miles. It coincided with a service interval so I asked my dealer, Mischlers, to check it out. My bike was delivered to me new in February of 2014 with shorter shocks from Hyper Pro. So if the problem is with the shocks, as some owners have claimed, it happens with after market shocks as well. Mischlers thought that the shock mounting point was the problem, so they ground some extra side clearance, and then lubed everything up. I then commenced on a 6 week 7,000 mile trip to CA and back from WI. The squeak returned the first day of the trip, and seemed worse on hot days. I just ignored it on the trip, but wonder what long term damage is occurring. A squeak is indicative of friction and if lube only lasts a few hours, WTF is a person to do?
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