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Thread: Mt. Washington

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    Mt. Washington

    For obvious reasons, summer is peak season for this 8-mile climb. I'm sure I'm not the first to mention it as an easy-to-reach fun ride for many east-coasters. Lots of nearby lodging if you want to lay over. Points to remember
    • Get there early. Mid-day waits can be long and hot.
    • There's at least one bikes-only lane on the right. Use it.
    • The fee is $17 for bike and driver. A passenger is extra.
    • There's a parking lot and store just past the entrance where you can add clothing.

    And unless you choose to ignore the NO PASSING rule and 25 mph speed limit, this is a SLOW RIDE! Expect stopped or creeping cagers around every turn. Your slow-riding skills will be challenged, as will your clutch hand, not to mention your clutch. Depending on your ride, you may not get out of second gear. The one-mile dirt section is hard-packed, with very little loose stuff. And save the rubbernecking for the top. Of the three people ever killed on this road, the most recent was on a Harley.

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    When the weather is nice, it's quite a view. The last time I was up was on my ATV-
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    Bike Day on Mt. Washtington

    This pic was taken on "Bike Day," associated with Laconia Bike Week, some years ago:

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    We had a great visit to Mt. Washington back in June. Don't know why I can't get the pic to rotate.

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