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Thread: Update Techlusion R259 TFi Download Site

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    Updated Techlusion R259 TFi Download Site

    A couple of weeks ago, Chris Sanders from Battley BMW (the USA Distributor) sent me these updated Techlusion R259 TFi installation instructions and photos for my download site.

    I meet Chris through Mark Dobeck, the owner of Techlusion Performance Group. Mark Dobeck and Battley‘«÷s Cycles have a 15-year R&D relationship together. This collaboration resulted in the latest generation controller, the Techlusion R259.

    You may all recall the severe winter and heavy snowfall on the east coast last January. Chris was able to setup the new R259 TFI with an EGR and Dyno, however was unable to test on his east coast roads covered with snow and ice. So, Chris needed a tester on the street to fine-tune the potentiometers. I had tested other versions of Techlusion products for BMWs on my RT, so Mark Dobeck enlisted my support to Chris. Together, I tested three chips for Chris and provided him with the base setup numbers in these instructions.

    Testing products like Techlusion TFi is just a hobby. So, I have never received a dime for my work. I do receive free products. However, the benefit of free products don't come close to the number of hours I spend fine tuning the numbers. At times, I regretted my decision since I had to reintroduce surging to my motorcycle. Since I get many emails for R259 TFi information, I developed this website. Again, another out of pocket expense. However, what makes it worth my time are the emails from fellow oilhead owners after Techlusion products eliminated their surging frustrations.

    Also, check out the FREE BMW Screesaver.

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