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Thread: Soldiers Grove Area dual-sport or Off Road Routes

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    Soldiers Grove Area dual-sport or Off Road Routes

    Looking for information on dual -sport or off road routes in the Soldiers Grove Area of Wisconsin. I've looked through many of the posts on this forum section and found many road worthy routes but not off road. I attended the BMW rally in Tomah least year and it seems that a couple attendees did some off roading but I didn't get to accompany them, so starting from scratch looking at possibilities. Looking to ride in the area mid-October with a couple road riders but want to have some fun by myself on roads or routes less traveled. TIA....Walt E.

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    Wisconsin Roads

    A map of Wisconsin Rustic Roads would seem like a good start, than take interesting looking roads off of them.

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    This is south east of Soldiers Grove:
    This is east of Soldiers Grove:

    This information and more can be found posted by Cannonshot in the Regional, Midwest sections of
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