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    Private Message aka PM

    HI all, I am sure the answer is right in my face but can not find it. PM , Private messaging, how does it work? I talked to a fellow member and it appears he
    is willing to make a trade. Forum moderator suggested, rightfully so, for us to use the PM .

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    Karsten -

    That all sounds fine. We'd prefer that buying/selling/trading not be done on the pages of the forum, but working with a member via PM is just fine. If you and the other member work the details out in terms of addresses, etc., then go for it!

    To PM someone, find one of their posts and click on their username which lets you choose the Private Message function. You can search for the username by going to Community then Member List. At that point, you can search for the member's username. Do you know the person's username?
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    Along with what Kurt said, I just sent you a private message- PM.
    Look in the upper right corner of the screen, have a look, respond if you want. You will be fine.
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