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Thread: Brake Bleed tool, recommendations?

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    Brake Bleed tool, recommendations?

    hey folks,
    I've been using an older Mityvac plastic body vacuum brake bleeder for years, and I'm getting tired of it leaking air, fitting poorly on the bleed screws, constant need for repumping, etc.

    Looking for recommendations for a good quality, easy-to-use, 1 person bleed tool.
    Under $100.
    Prefer metal construction, but I could be convinced otherwise.

    Have multiple bikes, but none have whizzy brakes.. nor will they.

    What say you?
    Ride Safe, Ride Lots

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    I just use a little jar with an anti-siphon tube inside and a short length of tube to the bleeder. Bottle came with a little magnet attached so you can stick it to anything metallic. Put a box wrench on the bleeder and have at it in a conventional fashion. Once the fluid gets above the siphon tube you simply pump your pedal or squeeze the lever and no air gets back in. Works like a speed bleeder but only costs about $5. I have a medium sized syringe that I got at a farm store that I use to suck all of the old fluid from the reservoir.

    When changing brake lines I just put a little new fluid into the bottle, fill the reservoir and pump away.

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    Speed bleeders. Makes it easy and simple.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdfbeemer View Post
    Speed bleeders. Makes it easy and simple.

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