We are very excited to partner with Keith Code, and his California Superbike School to enhance our celebration of the 100th Birthday of BMW Motorrad! There is more coming to this end… stay tuned!

Together, we are offering our customers a $100 per day discount for the upcoming sessions at Virginia International Raceway! One day courses (Aug 8 or 9) will be discounted $100, and the two day course (Aug 10-11) will be discounted $200! https://superbikeschool.com/schedule/ You will need to mention the Motorcycles of Charlotte $100 a day discount when you call to register. 1-800-530-3350

It’s not a typical track dayFor those of you who don’t already know me, my previous professional chapter was deeply entrenched in motorcycle training, curricula development, and instructor development - both MSF and beyond. I have taken the California Superbike Level 1 course, and as a guy who doesn’t generally enjoy typical ‘track day’ scenes, found it to be a genuine pleasure. Keith’s curricula, staff, and mobile production is absolutely top notch on every level. The execution by the instructors, track management staff, and hospitality staff is hands down the best I have ever experienced in a track or training environment. The emphasis is not on speed, it is about control. The understanding you will gain regarding cornering technique and traction control directly translates to the street, elevating your safety and proficiency, regardless of what you ride.

Keith’s mobile production is massive, and comes fully equipped with a large quiver of BMW S1000RR’s, and track appropriate gear for rent should you want/need to utilize it. In the words of Nate Kern “The S1000RR is simply the most difficult motorcycle built to run out of skill on”. Having had several opportunities to experience the RR in ‘open’ environments over the last 4 years, I whole heartedly agree! It’s the bike that converted me to BMW, even though I don’t typically ride a sport bike.

On top of that, VIR is an amazing venue with outstanding accommodations, http://virnow.com/lodging/ and very good eateries on property - my favorite being The Oak Tree Tavern which has a great historic Virginia farm country vibe, and nice tap selection http://virnow.com/experience/dining/. (434) 822-7700

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Have fun, ride safe!

Greg North
BMW Brand Manager
Motorcycles of Charlotte