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Thread: washed 1100 rt

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    washed 1100 rt

    washed RT today.. then went to top off oil, noticed a little water buildup when i took filler plug off..

    there is a chance a little water got into the drain, plug.. when i say little, just maybe a eye drop .

    what do you think?

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    Should be OK...sounds like as much moisture that naturally gets in due to condensation. A few good rides should heat up enough to get the water out of the engine.
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    Obviously a complete tear-down is in order. Yes, I'm kidding! You'll be fine.

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    thanks , I'm sure there is plenty of condensation at the beginning of riding season after a long winter.. non heated garage..

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    Push it out to the curb

    What was the address again? Yeh it might be major problems with moisture in the oil so cut your loss.

    ONLY KIDDING!!!!!!

    Ride it a little and if it makes you nervous change the oil & filter and forget about a couple drops of H2O in there.

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    thanks again.. after being stranded with a FD failure everything makes me nervous..

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    Quote Originally Posted by RICH7196 View Post
    thanks again.. after being stranded with a FD failure everything makes me nervous..
    Don't worry. Go ride it. Any water in the oil will boil off right quick once she's nice and warmed up.
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    You washed it? Isn't that what rain is for?
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