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Thread: R1200GS engine protection?

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    Question R1200GS engine protection?

    I currently have a F650GS which I enjoy riding on pavement and on our local gravel/dirt roads here in Mendocino, CA. It's gone down a couple of times at slow speed on muddy roads and has held up well. I want to get a R1200GS soon and have heard from a dealer that the engine bracket wasn't necessary. He said that the cylinder brackets are enough to protect the bike. I'm not interested in hot-rodding around rough country but given my track record (so to speak) I wanted to ask your opinions.


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    The heads won't necessarily break although you can easily get to replace some valve covers that may get ground through depending upon speed of travel etc. A valve cover costs about $150 w/tax or thereabouts for the part alone. If you feel that you may need them I would say buy them, call it insurance of sorts. Make sure the bars extend to protect a fall and have some bracing to prevent collapse when being glanced at an angle.

    Also check around to see if there are some aftermarket ones that may look better or be more substantial than the OEM ones. Just a thought.

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    Thanks for the info.

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    I've got the BMW bars on mine, but would probably go with Hepco & Beckers if I was going to do it again. They wrap around the back a bit to better protect the valve covers.

    Also, BMW sells these neat plastic shells that will get you home if you hole a valve cover. they just get zip tied on over the busted cover. they make them for the HP2.
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    What he said.. I can tell you that I went down fairly hard with my 12GS and the HB engine guards saved the day.. They wrap around the cylinder heads and the valve covers. $225 in silver or a bit less in black.. well worth the money.. Remember: Hepco-Becker Engine guards

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    I have protection bars on my R1200GS. Went down a couple of times on a nasty rocky trail two weeks ago and knocked off the engine's bash plate. However, except for a few scratches, the rest of the bike, including valve covers, came out just fine.
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    Hepco Becker

    I get it - Hepco Becker engine guards. What about the fiberglass/plastic cylinder brackets. Are they worth anything? Maybe just cosmetic protection? Thanks for the inputs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffpugh
    I get it - Hepco Becker engine guards. What about the fiberglass/plastic cylinder brackets. Are they worth anything? Maybe just cosmetic protection? Thanks for the inputs.
    The BMW plastic ones are good for about 1 hit. The aluminum BMW guards prohibit the use of elf-pegs if you G.A.S. about those. I have the BMW engine bars, and wish I had purchased H-B bars, as I think they allow more choice of cylinder head guards. The BMW engine bars fit so closely on the left side that you can't fit the plastic guards, and the aluminum ones are really close. My left side cylinder guard actually contacts the engine bar in one spot.
    If I ever get a do-over, I'll select a different engine bar and probably go with these head guards from Touratech:

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    I am using the aluminum BMW valve cover protectors and the engine protection bars. They work well as a systrem and protected the bike during several back road bash fests in AZ and Death Vally. The bars really proved themselves last summer when I went down at low speed in a front yard after the teenage driver elected to turn into her driveway with a looking or using a signal. I just picked it back up, checked myself and the bike over, discussed driving techniques with the young lady and went on my way.

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    Welcome back Kehenline! In order for you to get the best answers to your question, we moved your post to the wet heads section.
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    I like the AltRider ones that i just mounted on my R1200GS

    see the install on my Rallye eddition here:

    they are a quality product and really match the frame perfectly.
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