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Thread: Engine seals..I.slowly GO

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    Question Engine seals..I.slowly GO

    I'm so bummed.. My 2014 C650GT, while being a great bike to ride, is now headed tot he shop for another
    6 week round of fix. The seals as best I can determine have been oozing for the last 600 miles... and today
    finally let go.. with the underside totally awash in OIL... and leaking onto the exhaust smoking and
    causing a FIRE hazard... Previously parts had to be ordered for the "break hose fix" and the discovery of the
    ABS Modulator being cross threaded ..that part took over a month to get from BMW direct.. and then schedule of the
    actual install was over 6 weeks....
    Has anybody experienced similar probs... how can you detect oil leakage on the underside... Where everything is buttoned up...
    the sound blanket on the inner shroud was totally soaked in FRESH OIL.....
    Not a very big fan of BMW at this time....\Anybody?

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    Seems like the BMW's have a 3 year 36K warranty so while it's a PITA, it would be a costly PITA with most other bikes. Keep us filled in as to what actually went on.
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    What was the problem

    Was it the seals or some other problem. Would really like to know; keep us posted.
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