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Thread: HELP reset after install mods????

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    Question HELP reset after install mods????

    Do I need to disconnect battery after an engine mod (PIPE)?

    Some ecus have learned map data and can or should be cleared after parameters change. Often lack of power, control input will reset said.

    I have the BMW repair CD and have found nothing that helps.


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    I believe that with the new CAN Bus bikes you'll have to take it into the dealer to reset the adaptive values. I know they can do it with their computer.

    You could try disconnecting both battery terminals and touching them together. This may or may not zap those values from memory.

    Remember to crank the throttle wide open a couple of times with the ignition on after connecting the battery. You'll want to do this before starting the bike. This is necessary on the previous Ks and Rs, maybe not with CAN Bus, but it won't hurt anything.

    Personally, I wouldn't worry about it, I doubt resetting the adaptive values would do anything for you.
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