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Thread: Looking for a Pillion Rack that I can also put the pillion seat back on

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    Looking for a Pillion Rack that I can also put the pillion seat back on

    On my '96 R11GS i was able to ride without my pillion seat on most of the time but i could easily put the pillion seat back on when I needed it. So I need help finding something similar for the 2016 1200GSW. Does the BMW luggage plate allow that?

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    I found this which may work but I'd rather just have a plate (that clips in as the seat does) that has holes to hook a cargo net in.
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    Just this morning I received the June email edition of BMW Motorrad News. In it there's mention of a new "Passenger Seat Tail Bag" with some kind of an easy on/off 3-clip fastener. They say your dealer has the details and the price is around $220 depending on model. I tried to find further info online, unsuccessfully, but apart from price it looks pretty good.

    Here's a link to the news email:
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    Check out Altrider, they have just what you need.

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    The answer to your second question is a big "no". Mounting the BMW accessory is semi-permanent. Altrider and Touratech have the solution you seek with a rack that snaps in just like the pillion seat.
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    I got the rack from touratech and it clips right in and out just like the seat. Thanks for the help.

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