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Thread: Watsonian monza

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    Watsonian monza

    Greeting Hackers

    I am looking at a well used Watsonian Monza sidecar. No lights, no seat, but has windscreen and soft top. Fiberglass body will be repainted to match my Monza Blue R75/6.

    Looking at this sidecar to keep me on the road when I can no longer ride my 2 wheeler.

    Any information regarding a Watsonian sidecar would be appreciated. Looking the car it seems like the "support" wheel is a little small as compared to other rigs I have seen. Also does anyone know if this model has any type of suspension??

    Thanks for your help.
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    Google is your friend.

    The Monza isn't exactly my cup of tea aesthetically speaking; it's 1960's vintage. Yes, the "support" wheel is smaller than most other side cars, and it does have suspension. But the smaller wheel would translate into a somewhat harsher ride in that the smaller diameter wheel/tire would feel irregularities in the road surface more abruptly. I had an old Bingham MKI with a 12" wheel on my /5 for a while, a very short while... it had no suspension whatsoever and the bike felt every pebble on the road. No suspension would be okay for an "around town" rig, but not for one you expect to drive anywhere near the freeway speed limit.

    You could do better I think. Rigging a sidecar isn't as easy as just slapping it onto a motorcycle, if you're not mechanically inclined I'd suggest either buying a complete, ready to ride, rig. Or going to someone like DMC* and having them set up your bike properly.

    Check here for sidecars >

    Check here for complete rigs (motorcycle w/ sidecar) >

    * Disclaimer: I do not own, nor do I have any affiliation with DMC sidecars.

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