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Thread: Aftermarket windscreens

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    Question Aftermarket windscreens


    Can anyone give their $.02 on aftermarket windscreens? I am looking for a good windscreen for my '85 K100RS, and have looked at Parabellum and Aeroflow...Right now I'm leaning more toward the Aeroflow, which looks like it can be most easily removed for street and short distance riding, but would love to hear some testimonials from you all...

    Also, looking for advice on whether the stock screen (with little fin at top) is worth buying...I bought the bike with an aftermarket screen of some type installed. It was just a basic sheet of plastic that extended up above the "ears" of the main top fairing...Anyways, I recently snapped the top right off of it whilst putting on the Dowco cover (with a resounding "Doh!"). Does that little "fin" make a big difference? I've never ridden a K-bike that had a stock windscreen on it...I'm looking to justify not bothering to replace it, especially if I end up with an Aeroflow or some such on top of it...

    Any thoughts? I'm guessing all you long-distance riders out there will have an opinion or two on this...

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    I liked the stock screen on my K75RS conversion. I removed the adjustable spoiler and thought it worked fine.
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    My wife and I loved the standard height Aero Flow windscreen we had on our K1100RS. We have mixed emotions about the standard height Aero Flow on our K1200LT.

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    Clearview is great. I had a shield made for a Daytona fairing about seven years ago. They had me send the broken one for a mold and I had it made taller with a kick up on top, it fit and worked great. When I need a new shield for my K75S I will have them make it.

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