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Thread: Barn find R 69S

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    Barn find R 69S

    Numbers matching with title 1969 R 69S that was last ridden in 1975, not a lot of money to move it to a good home. The pictures and information showed a bike that was dismantled by the original owner in 1975 after a minor crash, apparently he wanted to repaint the bike. I heard about it and had to go take a look after I saw the bike was mostly there, had a clear title and had a good price attached so I took it home.

    Needless to say my offer was accepted and the bike (if you could call it that) was loaded and hauled home. Are you out there Vech? I have in my shop now an extreme example of what happens when the slingers no longer sling oil and the rider runs it like he stole it. I have been at the dismantle for a couple weeks of spare time and almost have the motor apart, chassis is fine except for some fresh paint but one thing I have determined is regular service was neglected and caused a big problem.

    I will get around to posting some pictures and adventures in the restoration but I have to warn the interested I am no Brooke Reams so be patient and understanding.

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    Glad you found this one......Make it YOURS, which I am sure you will do in your own determined pace of a way. So proud for you that this is one that has found a good home......God bless.....Dennis

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    I think I got a couple pictures loaded

    I am well into the dismantle of the once proud machine. If the picture actually comes up the frist one shows the front oil slinger bulging out from between the front bearing holder and the front crank shaft throw. The second one shows the backside of the front bearing carrier and the front of the motor with the carrier removed. The backside of the carrier has melted away and into the front slinger. Amazing what damage can occur when a slinger service is ignored. more later
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    Second picture
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    So 2 years later, what kind of progress have you made?

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    Moderate progress

    I have several projects (self torture) going on at the same time so progress on the Barn Bike has been a little slow. The motor and transmission are completely disassembled and I have been gathering the odds and ends to get this once proud machine back on the road. I have gotten new pistons, transmission bearings, rims and assorted odds and ends. I sent the paper weight (crank shaft) to Bench Mark Works for a refurbish but got the bad news that it was not practical to rebuild it, aside from its very poor condition I would have had to buy new connecting rods and pins if the shop could even press the shaft apart. Vech and Richard jumped right in and found me a good used crank shaft with rods for less than what new connecting rods (I had to cut the rods to get the crank shaft out) alone would have cost.

    I still have to send the LK heads out for refreshing and get the cylinders sized for the new pistons. I'm going with 12 volts on this bike and did manage to get the correct (police) battery box and kick lever for that upgrade. I will get the aluminum bits vapor blasted or polished as needed when I get to them. One challenge for me at least was what color to paint the bike, I'm still not 100% on that choice and its either going to be Turf Green or a Dark Grey (not Bristol Grey) that came on a very limited number (24 I believe) R 50/2's back in '64-'65. Because I lean more toward purist the Turf Green is winning that race.

    My time is being divided between the Barn Bike, a '75 R 60 police tribute, a barn find R 90S, an under house find R 75/5 and a long term 1955 R 50 rescue project I have had an ongoing relationship with for about 9 years when I first rescued it from a Harley guy.

    That and I'm still working on Hurricane Irma recovery stuff around the house. As well as maintaining and minor repairs on the other 15 bikes in my shop.

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