In March of this year I moved from an F800GT to a '16 RT pretty much completely to equip me better for a 9K mile trip I'm starting in two days.

While visiting the various forums as I was shopping for appropriate new bikes I was struck by a few recurrent themes:

1. With the lightweight STs be they F800s, Versys, etc folks are frequently looking to modify ergos, wind management, adding aftermarket cruise, and so forth.
2. Aging riders who often ride 1-up were looking to downgrade weight, so were moving towards lightweight models.

I ended up deciding between RT & FJR1300 and the reason is very simple: you can't find a fully touring optimized ST until you get into this weight class. And yet, especially for the predominantly 1-up rider where more luggage capacity is needed, there is nothing necessary engineering-wise that says to have a fully touring optimized machine you need this kind of weight. RT is closest to ideal in these regard, hence I bought one and it's truly lovely.

So my question to you is: what if you could have the best of both worlds: a performance-oriented ST sacrificing little to nothing on the comfort side, but in a lighter weight package. Would you want this machine? Here's my dreamcycle specs, more or less.

  1. 900-1000cc powerplant, 120HP
  2. Curb Weight: 525lbs fully fueled, w/ empty side cases
  3. Comfort Features: full height power windscreen, relaxed ergos ala RT, more plush seat ALA rt, heated grips/seat
  4. Performance Tech: ABS Pro, ASC, Dynamic ESA
  5. Final Drive: belt w/ 50K mile change interval (lightweight, efficient, clean and no maintenance)
  6. Luggage: trimmed ala R1200RS or F800GT
  7. Fairing: something between RT & GT
  8. Lines & Finish: sportier paint & forward lines, however retaining the more relaxed ergos.

Quite clearly this is a lighter weight RT, achieving this thru a number of elements, the belt drive which I loved on my GT, the lighter weight luggage is ample and efficient for 1-up, and so forth. It's considerably lighter weight package, amped power:weight, ABS Pro, all go to improve the Sport side of Sport Tourer. This is a fully Comfort and Sport optimized machine aimed primarily at the 1-up rider though 2-up is an option for sure. It does not exist anywhere in the market. The electric windscreen I'm in love w/ on the RT and yet you won't find it until you get way up in weight class.