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Thread: Oil Filter Tool

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    Oil Filter Tool

    I haven't yet changed the oil on my R1150R 2004. Nor have I done a change on a bike with this type of filter. I figured/was told a filter wrench was necessary. I've eyeballed a K&N wrench and filter combo:

    This K&N filter has the nut attached which seems like a good idea. I don't know what filter is in the bike now. If it's a standard OEM filter will I need an additional tool, other than the K&N wrench to remove it ? Is it better to stick to the OEM and get a wrench from Bemmer Boneyard, or somewhere ?

    I know you've been over this a hundred times but any input appreciated.

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    One advantage of the OEM filter is that it's hidden out of the way of road debris and that type of hazard. I'm not sure to what degree that nut on the K+N would be exposed. (maybe not at all). I have a BMW filter wrench that I bought years ago for my K1200 which I was pleased to discover exactly fits my R1100S. Money well spent on that tool.

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    The topic of filters has been beat to death, but the majority opinion is that K&N filters are nowhere near as good as the factory item.
    Yes a filter wrench is necessary; this is true regardless of which filter you have - it just means that either you can use the wrench you already have or you may need to buy one. Keep in mind that the tool is a "buy it ONCE and it lasts FOREVER."
    The BMW filter wrench will accept the 3/8" square drive of your ratchet. Fill the new filter with oil before installing it, to slightly improve the circulation at start-up, and snug it down but Do Not over-tighten it.

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    Wunderlich sells a filter wrench for about $11

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