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Thread: Repair/service manuals/Dvd's/ & Tool kits

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    Repair/service manuals/Dvd's/ & Tool kits

    Just purchased a used '05 R1200rt. My first BMW motorcycle. I'm lovin it.
    Needs its 24000 mile service. I would like to service it myself, and am looking for advice on the most useful/favorite repair/service manuals.
    Please share your thoughts.
    Also what tools you wouldn't be without on the road. I hope to buy the right stuff the first time.
    Thanks, Stanman

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    Welcome Stanman

    Lots of info in the Hexhead forum for your model. Post a pic of yours when you can over there as well.

    here is a lengthy and often amusing tool kit thread:

    for a good list of common tasks in our DIY section:

    For detailed maintenance issues, the BMW Rep-ROM is a keeper.
    And JVB Productions DVD's are a great resource for a DIY'er
    Steve Henson-Mod Team and SABMWRA Prez

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    Thank you

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