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Thread: My '64 R-60/2 got lost on the way home

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    My '64 R-60/2 got lost on the way home

    Thought you would get a kick out of this. I rode my '64 R60/2 to "The Blessing Of The Bikes" in Baldwin, Michigan last Saturday. On Sunday they have some local priest come in, say some magical words to protect the bikes and everyone heads home. All the profits from the ride go to some local charity. No big deal, it's only a leisurely 35 mile back road ride from my house to Baldwin. I got there, took off my helmet, got my lawn chair out and sat there watching the bike parade pass by. A lot of people admired the bike. Some guy looks at the bike, "Damn, when did BMW start puttin' forks like them on bikes? I always thought they was straight forks."
    "What? How about back in 1955?"
    "Don't look right. You oughta' put you some straight forks on that thing." To which I did not answer but went back to my coffee. The event is pretty much a Harley thing with some other bikes thrown in. I like it. Get to see some bikes you never seen before. As I left the event I wanted to go straight home but the bike got lost and it took me 60 miles to get home! Did I program the GPS wrong or did the bike just want to go for a longer ride?

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    Darnit, y'know I found that even Beamers without Earles Forks find their way off the most direct road too. I was down in NC a few weeks ago, and there I was in the middle of somewhere nice taking photos of my new(er) RT beside streams, mountains, dams, etc. Then it made me take a ferry from DE to NJ. Very nice.

    I loved your post!
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