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Thread: Question on travel from WA to CO

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    Question on travel from WA to CO

    I am visiting family in CO this year and taking the motorcycle for the first time. Thinking about taking this route and just stopping whenever I get too fatigued. Any advice on better, more enjoyable roads, detours, or places that would be nice to stay please feel free to share!
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    If you were to shift your route to the east somewhat, you could go through Yellowstone and drive by the Grand Tetons. It would mean slabbing it from Missoula to past Butte, then picking up 287 south, entering through West Yellowstone then taking 191 south through Jackson eventually reconnecting with Hwy 26. Possibly slabbing it to nearly Bozeman and then getting on 191 there. You might get lucky when you stop at the Old Faithfull Inn in Yellowstone...if the wait is not too long, you can watch Old Faithfull blow.
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    Or if you shifted your route south somewhat, you could take the Lolo Pass route (Hwy 12) from Lewiston / Clarkston to Missoula.

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    If time permits (this will add several hours, maybe a half day, to the route):

    Stay on 287 into Rawlins. I-80 east until you get to WY130, head south to Saratoga. If you stay on 130, it will lead you back to Laramie, after going over Snowy Range, a real sweet route. This is your crunched for time option.

    Or, head south on 230, thru Riverside/Encampment (nice campground just after the intersection, $10 per person to camp), and stay on that, it will become 125 when you cross into CO. Stay on 125 thru Walden, all the way to its end. This is Willow Creek Pass. you can thank me later.

    You're now at US40, head L towards Granby. Maybe take a run into Rocky Mntn NP on 34, or just head south on 40, over Berthoud Pass. yeah, you can thank me on that one later, too.

    If you go over RMNP, head out of Estes on US 36, then go up on CO7 outside of Lyons (construction happening on the "upper" portion of 7), where you'll pick up the Peak to Peak hiway, CO 119 & 72. Take a Right off of 119 and go thru Central City, and leave via the Central City Parkway.

    Either route will lead you to I-70. You want to get off onto CO 74 and head to Conifer & Evergreen. Get yourself onto US285 heading W or S (however it's signed). At the traffic light at Pine Junction, head south (Left) onto CO 126, Pine Valley Rd, heading to Pine, Deckers, Woodland Park and on into C Springs.

    That will give you a FAR better ride than rolling down the prairie of US 85 or the monotony and congestion of I-25.
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