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Thread: 2017 r1200r rough engine

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    Unhappy 2017 r1200r rough engine

    I previously had a 2015 r1200r which I had purchased after owning a K75 for 19 years. I was very impressed with how smooth the R1200R ran which was one of the main factors in my decision to let my trusty K75 go.

    About a year into ownership a suicidal deer ended it's life and the life of the R1200R.

    Liking the 2015 R1200R so much I purchase a new 2017 R1200R. Not as smooth and around 4,000 RPM irregardless of which gear, the engine acts as if the timing is off, very rough and increased vibration.

    Before I take it to the dealer I though I would run this by you guys (and girls) for real world experiences and knowledge.


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    MWAG is that it is an ignition issue. Might just be the connection or it might be a stick coil. Change the plugs and reseat the coil and connector to see if that helps.
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    Being a 17, any warranty left?
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    How many miles on it?
    My mechanic says 15000 miles and it time for new plugs, if still under warranty coils should be covered,

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