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Thread: My new 2015 RT is being shipped to my door

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    My new 2015 RT is being shipped to my door

    I've been on the hunt for several months now for a used low mileage 2015 RT to replace my low mileage 2010 RT. Finally made a deal on one in Florida. Found this one on CycleTrader. There are some strange humans hanging out on that site, but I found a few good ones, and finally made a deal on one a few weeks ago. It's a beauty: its blue, and only 1800 miles. Trouble was that I didn't have time for a fly-n-ride to get it home, so I searched around and found a shipping company called Haulbikes. They've been advertising a spring special for shipping anywhere in the US for $450. So they just picked my bike up in Clearwater this week, and its been delivered to their warehouse somewhere in Ohio this weekend. They promise to deliver it to my doorstep within 2.5 weeks of the initial pickup, which is the week after next. I had the original owner take some pictures of the pick up, and of them loading it onto their big semi trailer. It's a two level trailer and can carry lots of bikes at once. Now I'm anxiously waiting for them to notify me that it's within a few days of delivery. I've been very happy with their communications with me as this whole process unfolds. Anyone ever use this company or a similar one?

    So now it's time to put my 2010 RT on the market.


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    Sounds like you have taken all due diligence needed in a long range purchase.
    Good luck.
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    One of my fellow local club members questioned our Yahoo list on this topic last week, Haulbike was mentioned in a positive light.

    Congratulations and the best of luck with your new to you RT.


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    I had my bike shipped by from Colorado to New York back in 2006. No issues or problems at all.
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